Image Requirements

Images are to be supplied at the size required for output, inclusive of borders and bleed, in RGB with your preferred profile embedded (e.g. Adobe 1998, sRGB IEC61966-2.1, etc.), in the format of a TIFF or J-Peg. This is usually (but not always) sRGB for digital camera files and Adobe 1998 for scanned images. The correct settings can be selected via your photo package such as Photoshop. Supplying images correctly will ensure accurate results when viewing and printing. 

Most photo packages such as Photoshop have a colour settings panel that determines how it handles the colour management of the files that you work on. Once preferences are set this can be, in most cases left alone, for greatest accuracy we recommend using the industry standard colour spaces such as Adobe ’98 or sRGB. 

Size and Quality

300 ppi (or dpi) is the optimum print resolution, ideally files should be sized at 300 ppi at the required output size. For example, a 10”x8” print at 300 ppi would be 20.6mb (8 bit).


Tiff files are the best formats, for smaller prints Jpegs are acceptable and we are happy to discuss and advise, should you have other formats (PDF’s etc).


For pricing, please refer to our “Online Price Estimator”. These will be the price that you pay, but we will notify you if there are any to be any variables (ie. discount for multiple images etc). When working out your prices, please remember to include your borders.

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